Charla Design and design thinking in disaster risk management: translating theory into practice


16 May 19 hrs.


Auditorio FADEU, Campus Lo Contador UC

Research Lines


Rodrigo Ramírez, Gonzalo Bacigalupe


Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Societal and Human Response


Mitigation Options, Information dissemination in post disaster


The central goal of disaster risk management is to reduce the impact and cost of natural hazards, in human, environmental and economic terms. However, there remains a gap between natural and social science approaches, as well as risk reduction actions taken at national and local levels. How can design, in drawing equally upon art and engineering, contribute to and complement this complex playing field? This talk will illustrate some of the challenges (wicked problems) and highlight trends and opportunities while underlining key considerations. Examples of design in disaster risk management will be used to initiate and illustrate discussion regarding the role design and design thinking can play in disaster risk reduction.