Research Line

Risk and Resilience of Complex Systems and Networks

Principal investigator

Juan Carlos de la Llera

Dean of the School of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is an expert in structural modeling, structural dynamics, vibration reduction systems and risk. His research areas include topics such as the semi-active control of vibrations in structures and modeling of problems with large deformations. In 2003 he received the International Distinction John Munro from Engineering Structures magazine and the Ramón Salas Edwards National Award from the Institute of Engineers of Chile.


The objective of this line of research is to integrate the information about the population exposed to risks and its built environment, to characterize the risks they pose to society and to evaluate the reduction of mitigation options. The results converge in a risk platform that represents a repository of information and analysis methods used in different research components, arising from the interactions between CIGIDEN research lines.

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