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Our strategic guidelines are defined within the CIGIDEN Academic Committee, made up of the six Principal Investigators, whose purpose is to ensure the production of knowledge that helps to minimize the consequences of extreme natural events on society and strengthen Chile’s position as a World leader of disaster research.


Our executive structure is composed by six people and its responsibilities are to oversee the administration of the center, Human Resources, Communications, and the coordination and administration of the Spatial Data Infrastructure.
Its members are: Executive Director, Finance and HR Assistant, Secretary, Communications Officer, Graphic Designer and Coordinator of the Spatial Data Infrastructure IDE CIGIDEN.


Our research team consists of more than 50 researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds, reflecting our highly multidisciplinary research structure, as well as collaboration between the natural and social sciences.


With the guide of researchers from the different lines, we promote the work of the students in their different academic levels. We also have an active student Chapter.

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We invite you to meet the researchers, students and professionals who have passed through CIGIDEN and collaborated with the development of a more resilient country.

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