Workshop The role of the designer in the disaster risk management process


16 May 15 hrs.


Sala MADA, Escuela de Diseño, Campus Lo Contador

Research Lines


Rodrigo Ramírez, Gonzalo Bacigalupe


Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Societal and Human Response


Mitigation Options, Information dissemination in post disaster


The central goal of disaster risk management is to reduce the impact and cost of natural hazards, in human, environmental and economic terms. In this complex playing field of scientists, governments, NGOs and ultimately ‘the public’, what is the role of the designer? In this workshop we will interactively examine how to successfully engage with a wide range of communities and publics through the use of a case study based at Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica. Furthermore we will discuss the importance of evidence-based working to ensure design principles are more widely incorporated before, during and after emergencies.