About us

Disasters of natural origin present a series of technological, social and political challenges. From CIGIDEN, we are generating scientific and technical knowledge to help improve the way the risk management cycle is approached in our country.

We are an association of four universities, which was born in response to the call made by CONICYT’s FONDAP program in its fourth national competition of Priority Areas Research Centers to address research on disasters and their consequences.

Our work is carried out under the conceptual framework of resilience, orienting our results towards the reduction of the initial impact of extreme events, and to restore and improve the functionality of the different systems that are affected by them in shorter periods.

Our mission

We are a research center of excellence whose mission is to develop, integrate and transfer scientific knowledge, and to form advanced human capital that contributes to reduce the social consequences of extreme natural events.

Our mission is to guide the discussions and decisions that must be taken in the face of disasters, through scientific and technical evidence, to help implement improvements that increase the resilience of the country.

Our goals

Chile is a natural laboratory for studying models and theories of mitigation and disaster management. Through this process, our main goal is to contribute to increasing levels of resilience and help mitigate the consequences caused by natural disasters.

As a result, secondly we seek to be recognized internationally as a research center with the necessary capabilities to address all areas related to natural hazards and management of extreme events, producing world-class research for public policy of disaster risk reduction .

Brochure and reports

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